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Your Security Is Our Main Priority

Your Security Is Our Main Priority

Nowadays, the resources of the police departments are getting thinner, and sometimes, their ability to prevent crime has become less effective. We can’t blame them because they are just doing their job. It is just that the community needs more than what the police can provide.

Crimes can happen anytime and anywhere, and sometimes, local law enforcement agencies can’t cover it all. That is why we are here, Greenforce Security International, to help and work alongside law enforcement agencies. We are a security company in San Francisco, California striving to change the way people view security. With us and the police working together, we can cover a wider range of areas to help the people of the community feel safer and more secure.

You do not have to worry about vandalism, theft, and other crimes that might happen inside your community because we offer high-quality security patrol services in California. Knowing that someone is patrolling and protecting the streets just helps you sleep better at night.

We are always professional in what we do, especially our personnel and our technology. We hired the best professional trained officers with police and/or military backgrounds that we can deploy for patrol services and we can assign for security guard services. Other than that, we are also equipped with the most advanced technologies that are useful for maintaining the safety and security of our clients.

Security and Safety on Big Events

Security and Safety on Big Events

Do you have plans to host a special event for your company or community? Are you an event host or organizer who plans and manages special occasions, concerts, competitions, and business gatherings? Then knowing about security guard services can help you assure the security and safety of everyone attending your events.

When talking about security patrol services in California, it is important to have proper planning and preparation to prevent unwanted situations from happening, especially on large-scale events. Security personnel needs to be more vigilant in identifying weak spots that create vulnerability to the overall security plan.

  • Secure the place
    Site visits are necessary to create a venue security plan and serve as the bases for planning and risk assessment. It is during site visits that critical and in-depth evaluations have to be made, such as a secure entrance and exit points for guests.
  • Communication devices
    The importance of proper communication needs to be emphasized and discussed as part of the security plan. Walkie talkie or other means of clear communication is vital for the organizing staff and security personnel to communicate constantly. This is useful for immediately reporting any suspicious activities and untoward incidents.
  • Security personnel
    An injury to a guest, damage to property, crowd control, and unexpected situations can be prevented if the organizing team works together with experienced and trained security personnel. They are the key component for risk management and security control.

Every event host and organizer aims to organize a safe, secure, and successful event. Let Greenforce Security International be your partner in ensuring the safety and success of your event. They are a trusted and reliable security company in San Francisco, California, with experienced and trained staff. Visit to know more about their services.

Why Small Businesses Need a Security Guard

Why Small Businesses Need a Security Guard

Businesses in all sizes have to face the reality that theft and other crimes can occur on their premises at any time. Some businesses are more likely to be targeted than others. Establishments such as malls, jewelry stores, and banks may benefit from getting Security Guard Services as they are often victims of theft.

Business owners have to take note of the benefits of having a security guard and what responsibilities they want to give them. Security guards can help prevent crime and even assist customers and employees, it is just the matter of choosing the right Security Company in San Francisco, California, to provide you with security guards who will be able to meet your needs.

For business owners who are still hesitant to bring in a security guard, Greenforce Security International has come up with a list of some of the benefits of having one in your store/location:

  • This gives a sense of security to both the customers and employees. It is also easier to retain employees and ensure productivity in high-risk areas.
  • Having a security guard deters criminals from targeting your establishment.
  • Security guards can also perform customer service. They may help clients find the product they need or accompany clients to their cars after dark.
  • Security Patrol Services in California employs security guards who have police and/or military background to be able to efficiently handle crime and other emergencies.

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Park Patrol Provides Park Safety for You and Everyone Else

Park Patrol Provides Park Safety for You and Everyone Else

Local parks don’t only increase property values. They also add beauty to the community and enable everyone to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

As a security company in San Francisco, California, we encourage every family in the community to help keep public parks clean and safe. Be responsible for observing the conditions and reporting any problems that you see or witness within the vicinity. That way, you help promote safety to the place and its people.

When you bring food or snacks in the park, make sure you throw all wrappers or paper bags into the trash bin. If you see others doing otherwise, politely call their attention. If there is trouble, report it to a patrol officer and let them handle the situation.

Security Patrol Services in California helps provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the locals and tourists in the state and city parks. At Greenforce Security International, we have highly skilled and well-trained officers on duty that can secure you and everyone else’s safety and protection.

Our protective security services also include security guard services. If you need extra protection in your home, office, and other properties, you are welcome to contact us.