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School Security and Safety: A Top Priority

School Security and Safety: A Top Priority

We all want to achieve success, and one way of achieving that is through proper education. Thus, going to school to receive education is very important. But with all the threats to safety and security, such as terrorist attacks, shootings, bombings, vandalism, and bullying, the safety of students, faculty, staff, and parents are put at risk. As a security company in San Francisco, California, we strive to provide excellent security services that can help promote a safe and secure school environment.

With the growing concern of the importance of security in schools, Greenforce Security International intends to make school security a top priority. Our security company can provide and implement security solutions that can ensure the safety of everyone involved.

  • Technology for school safety
    With the advances in technology, real-time surveillance monitoring is now possible. We supply and maintain motion-activated surveillance cameras all around the campus to monitor actions being done inside the school premises. With these devices, we can quickly respond when something arises.
  • Control access to the school
    Security guard services can help control access to the school. Monitoring who goes in and out the premises is critical and security guards can have the authority to do that. Identification cards and badges also allow school authorities to immediately identify students and faculty from intruders.
  • School resource officer
    They develop comprehensive safety plans to create a safer environment for all students, faculty, and staff in the school. SRO’s are mainly responsible for the prevention of incidents and crime in school.

Creating an environment where security and safety are of top priority can help promote higher academic success. To improve school safety and security, contact our security patrol services in California at 415-723-4555 or visit