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College Security in San Francisco, California

September 29, 2015, BEND — Patrol Services International (PSI) announced today the launch of its newest company-owned operation in Austin, Texas. To manage their new Austin office, PSI has hired as Security Director veteran police officer Jim Wakefield, who brings with him over 20 years of experience as a member of the the Los Angeles Police Department.

“PSI will bring to the Austin market what we are best known for: providing our clients with premiere private security services that exceed all expectations” said Nick Thompson, chief executive officer and founder, Patrol Services International. “We look forward to developing great new relationships with the business, government and local communities of Austin.” Thompson emphasized his company’s industry-leading cloud-based officer incident reporting system, which allows clients to view and track their patrols and get real-time reporting of incidents right from the scene.

In addition to its company-owned locations, Patrol Services International operates single and multi-unit regional franchises in 5 states. Their business model delivers targeted, high-visibility patrol and a variety of community oriented security services for residential, business, industrial, municipal, institutional and specialized client environments.

PSI’s initial offerings in the Austin area will focus on homeowner
associations, multi-unit residential interests, governments contracts and retail clients. PSI currently operates in Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Bend, OR, Orlando, FL, and Washington, D.C.

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Bend Patrol Services of Central Oregon has long been a leader in providing innovative security options and leveraging new technology to provide security and convenience to their clients. Now they are sharing that philosophy with the rest of the security industry.

Today the company announced a ground breaking, cloud based service called the Security Manager which allows security companies to manage and monitor any size workforce in a virtualized environment. The product brings together automated field report writing, real-time GPS officer management, tablet computing, automated activity reporting, records management and online client tools into a single virtual command center.

Nick Thompson, the president of Patrol Services, Inc., believes that this kind of virtualization is the future of private security. “For many years our industry has compartmentalized all of these activities and had to staff each piece. That’s where things can fall through the cracks,” said Thompson. “It makes sense to automate and combine all the moving parts into a comprehensive and more efficient management tool.”

Here’s how it works: Officers in the field are connected via GPS and tablet computers to The Security Manager’s central command. There supervisors can remotely update and provide detailed client contacts or site specific instructions back to their officers in the field. Field reporting is remotely approved, distributed to clients and locked for the set retention period. Daily and monthly activity reports are automated, logged and distributed to clients. All in the Cloud. Thompson says he expects cloud-based virtual security management to become the new industry standard. Last year Patrol Services began using The Security Manager in their exclusive franchises nationwide. This is the first time the service has been offered to other security companies.

Bend Patrol Services has provided uniformed patrol, security consulting and investigative services throughout Central Oregon since 2006.

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Alert Private Patrol Lieutenant Locates, Interrupts Suicide Attempt

BEND — Early this morning, Bend Patrol Services Lieutenant Dennis Loveless was on routine patrol for clients in the Skyliners Ranch area when he monitored a Sheriff’s Department radio transmission concerning a search for a suicidal female in the area. A distraught woman had intentionally taken an overdose of medications, and authorities were racing against the clock to find her.

Based on the information and descriptions in the broadcast, Lt. Loveless located the vehicle near the Tetherow club house. Inside the car he found the missing woman hunched over the front seat. She breathing but not moving. Lt. Loveless attended to the unconscious woman as he summoned emergency medical services to the scene. She was transported to St Charles hospital for treatment where she is expected to make a full recovery.

“I’m proud of Lt. Loveless for going above and beyond”, said Nick Thompson, Bend Patrol Services owner, “His extra effort and alertness made a real difference and likely saved this woman’s life”. Thompson emphasized the value of his officers’ presence in the community and his partnerships with local law enforcement as government budgets continue to shrink. Bend Patrol Services is a professional organization that provides uniformed patrol, security consulting and investigative services throughout Central Oregon.

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Security Officer Interrupts Wire Theft at SCMC Construction Site
December 17, 2009 BEND – A Bend Patrol Services security officer who was patrolling St. Charles Medical Center cutoff the theft of several coils of valuable copper wire Tuesday evening.

On December 15th at 8:13 p.m., Bend Patrol Officer Rick May was on patrol at SCMC and was investigating suspicious activity near G lot when he found two men loitering near a small pickup. May noticed there were coils of copper wire in the back of the truck and he became suspicious. The two men claimed they had found the wire on the ground nearby.

Officer May then noticed bolt cutters in the truck bed, so he began to check nearby facilities for signs of tampering. May quickly discovered that coils of copper wire had been cut from two temporary construction buildings nearby. Standey Hayden, 42, and Woodow Titsworth, 46, were arrested and booked for felony charges of Grand Theft and Possession of Burglary Tools.

Wire theft has become an increasing problem across the Nation. A slow economy, rising copper process driven by the demand for building materials in Asia and vacant construction sites all contribute to the allure of wire theft. The City of Fresno, California recently spent millions of dollars to harden access to the wire inside of street light poles and city buildings after thieves ripped the copper wire out of City Hall in the middle of the night.

Last year, thieves hacked out over 3 miles of wire from the Oregon Caves National Monument, resulting in a $3.5 million dollar loss. In another recent case, a Bend scrap dealer called authorities when someone tried to sell him a statue of Sacagawea which had been stolen from the Lewis and Clark Memorial. Some scrap metal recyclers have stepped in to help deter wire theft by asking for identification from metal redeemers, paying only by check and even sharing their security camera videos with investigators.

Bend Patrol Services is a professional organization that provides uniformed patrol, security consulting and investigative services throughout Central Oregon.

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Alert Bend Patrol Officer Helps Police Tie Drunken Pedestrian to Break in.

February 05, 2009 DOWNTOWN BEND – An alert Bend Patrol Security Officer last night helped local police officers turn their offer to give a tipsy man a ride home into a ride to the Deschutes County Jail.

Last night at about 11:00 pm, Officer Ken White of Bend Patrol Services discovered a burglary at a business in the Columbia River Bank Complex in Downtown Bend. CRB is a longtime client of Bend Patrol and Officer White was performing one of his nightly security checks at the complex when he discovered the break-in.

Just minutes earlier, not far from the complex, Officer White remembered seeing police officers helping an injured man into one of their patrol cars. As Officer White investigated the burglary, he noticed blood at the scene. Officer White contacted police, provided details about the break-in and also relayed his suspicions about the man he saw being ushered into the police car nearby. Todd Michael Buck, Jr., 21, who police believed was nothing more than an intoxicated, injured citizen, was in the back seat of a police car getting a ride home. But as he was about to be dropped off, his ride home turned into a ride to jail. Buck, who identified himself to police as homeless, was booked on 1 count of second-degree burglary and 1 count of first-degree criminal mischief, as well as probation violations. He is currently being held in Deschutes County Jail lieu of $25,000 bail.

Bend Patrol Services Owner Nick Thompson said he is proud of Officer White. “Ken spotted the break in and put that incident together with the suspicious activity going on nearby”, said Thompson, “if it wasn’t for Ken, this guy might have gotten away scot-free, and with a free ride home from the scene of the crime! This is really the essence of our value to our clients and even the community: an extra set of eyes out there looking out for their interests.”

Bend Patrol Services provides a variety of security services, including nightly business patrol checks, alarm response and security consulting.

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Intoxicated Parolee Removed from Downtown, Incarcerated

March 17, 2010 BEND – An alert Bend Patrol Security Officer last night observed a suspicious male in the 1100 block of Wall Street. When he saw the same man again near the Columbia State Bank, he monitored the bizarre actions of the man until the police and parole officials determined that he was in violation of his parole.

Tuesday morning at about 5:00 am, Officer Ken White of Bend Patrol Services was conducting routine patrols of clients’ properties when he observed a male darting in and out of a room and acting suspiciously at the Plaza Motel. Patrol officer White lost sight of him, but later noticed him again at the Columbia State Bank on Wall Street where the suspect ran up to him saying he wanted to die and had used, “too much meth”.

Officer White monitored the man, who was dressed only in long underwear, until Bend Police arrived to back him up. A check with State Parole determined that the man, who was intoxicated, was also in violation of the terms of his parole. David Leonardini, 49, was booked at the Deschutes County jail on a State Parole hold as well as a charge of public intoxication.

“Officer White did a great job in carrying out our mission: to protect our clients’ property,” said Nick Thompson, owner of Bend Patrol Services. Thompson said his patrol officers have an excellent working relationship with Bend PD and he is
always pleased when they can work together to keep downtown businesses safe. An interesting side note is that the arresting Bend Police Officer was until recently a full time security officer for Bend Patrol Services. The Parole Officer is also currently employed by Bend Patrol Services in a part time transport officer position.

Bend Patrol Services provides a variety of security services, including nightly business patrol checks, alarm response and security consulting.

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