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Monitored Surveillance

There have been incredible advances in technology that allows for amazing protections. This is truly a game changer in the security field!

Take a look at the video for a short explanation, but essentially this is how it works: Our cameras will continuously monitor your property all night. If anyone should walk in front of or near our field of vision, we will immediately receive recorded video clip of the offender. The video goes directly to our patrol officers in the field as well as to our dispatchers. If it is a confirmed suspect we will IMMEDIATELY respond and coordinate with Police while in route to your location. This solution is for restricted areas where no one should be during the nighttime hours.

We have been involved in policing for many decades and this is by far the best solution we have witnessed. To make that point here is an actual clip of a suspect who activated our camera at a rock crushing site. Prior to hiring us this client had been a victim of copper theft multiple times. You will notice in this example there is an alarm. We activated the alarm feature because of the remote location of this client and response times there where lengthy. Typically we use the silent activation mode to enable us to catch the suspect in the act.

We supply the equipment, we maintain it, and we respond to all activations for a total monthly cost of less than the cost of one eight hour shift of manned Guard. Please call us today to discuss further and we will provide a no obligation site survey.

Our Surveillance System

Active video monitoring helps give business owners peace of mind that their business is safe, and provides many benefits over passive monitoring. It adds more security to your business by ensuring that events are responded to immediately, rather than hours later when the criminal is long gone.

Our dispatchers are professionally trained to identify activity that is suspicious and to promptly take the appropriate action necessary to help protect your business.

It’s There When You’re Not

We don’t take a break, even when you are. If suspicious activity is detected, we rapidly take appropriate action including notifying local authorities via a 911 call.

In Action

Check out some examples of our equipment catching criminals in the act:

Example 1

Great example of how our motion activated surveillance cameras allow us to respond quickly to events!

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Example 2

GSI Officers responded to a suspect cutting the lock at a clients outdoor receptacle. Suspect fled prior to arrival but one of our officers showed the video to the local PD. This resulted in an arrest.

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Example 3

Watch GSI officers catch theft suspect in the act using our newest crime fighting tool, portable surveillance cameras!

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Example 4

Great example of our newest crime prevention tool! Watch this thief turn and quickly leave. His attempted copper theft was interrupted at 0424 hours.

Normally we would not have the alarm sound so we can catch them in the act but this client is out of town and the response time would be lengthy.

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What Others Say

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